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What is a smart home?

What is a smart home? Is it lighting that enables you to use your phone to turn a light on or off? Is it a heating system that enables you to set a program for on or off timings? Is it a remote control to open or close blinds? Is it a security system that sounds an alarm if you are away?

Well, the answer is yes, all of the above. However, a “real smart home” is a house that is capable of connecting all of these systems together to work as one. It is a home that automatically turns on lighting for you. It can turn on radiators individually and can do so, depending on if the room is being used or not. It can automatically adjust shading to suit the desired light level or use the sun’s energy to heat a room. It can turn on sirens and flash the house lighting to scare intruders away.

A Loxone smart home can protect itself and the occupants whilst saving you time and money for more important things in life.

Next steps

A Loxone smart home designed and installed by South West Electrical can keep you safe, reduce energy costs and most importantly save you the most cherished commodity on earth, time.

The system can be installed from new or retrofitted into an existing home. Please get in touch with us to discuss your project further and visit the Loxone website for more information.