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Intelligent heating or cooling

Here in the UK we are blessed with beautiful seasons. This does bring with it varying changes in temperature. Your smart home can be set to one temperature all year round meaning you never need to adjust a thermostat again.

Working with heating and cooling infrastructure the smart home can control temperatures in individual rooms rather than heating the house as one. A living room temperature may feel too warm in the bedroom and why heat the spare room continuously when it is hardly used?

The Loxone system can let you know if a window has been left open and will turn the heating off to save energy wastage. Ventilation and heat recovery units can be integrated into the system to further help reduce energy costs.

Next steps

A Loxone smart home designed and installed by South West Electrical can keep you safe, reduce energy costs and most importantly save you the most cherished commodity on earth, time.

The system can be installed from new or retrofitted into an existing home. Please get in touch with us to discuss your project further and visit the Loxone website for more information.