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Smart home security

Fast becoming a necessity for most homes, security is a must-have to protect yourself and your contents. A real smart home can deter intruders and notify you straight away if an alarm has been triggered. The alarm Is easy to set and once triggered starts a series of events. Firstly, an alert is sent straight to you via the app. Secondly, the system will call your mobile phone and begin to turn on your media system around the house.

Lastly, all lighting will begin to flash spontaneously and the blinds will open. This will attract the most amount of attention possible. Intruders are not the only threat your home faces. If smoke detectors are triggered they can alert you on your mobile device. Water sensors can be placed around the home and be set to turn off the water supply if a leak is detected.

Access control is another part of the Loxone smart home and can be configured to allow access into parts of your home such as through the gates or into the garage and outbuildings. These can be set for individuals or one time access i.e. to deliver a parcel.

Next steps

A Loxone smart home designed and installed by South West Electrical can keep you safe, reduce energy costs and most importantly save you the most cherished commodity on earth, time.

The system can be installed from new or retrofitted into an existing home. Please get in touch with us to discuss your project further and visit the Loxone website for more information.